Malls frighten me.
Especially Northpark.
The chaos, the choices, the ungodly amounts of money and materialism. It leaves me with a ghastly headache and a frustrated soul. I sit on the bench and wait for friends in stores while I people watch. I see sadness, unfulfilled dreams, insecurity, and blindness. They’re all looking for something and it’s not a new pair of Stewart Weismann shoes. Their hearts are hurting and so they fork over excessive amounts of money for momentary material pleasure in hopes to numb the pain. It works for a little while. You float on cloud nine for a week, maybe two after a shameful shopping spree. Then it ends. It’s never enough. I know because I grew up surrounded and immersed in it. Only I didn’t realize what I was presented with on a regular basis till I was taken from it. To them, it’s everything. You dress up to go buy more things to dress up in and you pay amounts that could feed a small third world country. I think they know what they’re doing, to an extent. Only, they’ve been at it for so long they’re numb to the reality of their dismal life and the vicious cycle they’ve created. It’s so self serving, unfulfilling, and depressing.
I want nothing to do with it.
Materialism is a trap that Satan uses to distract us from the real issues of life. We focus so much on ourselves and on perfecting our own lives that we don’t do what we are commissioned and commanded to do.
Serve others and share the Gospel.
That’s it. Pretty simple, eh? Serve others, not ourselves, and share the shackle breaking news that Jesus came to save!
Life is simple. But we, fallen and human, make it much more difficult for ourselves. We create things we think we need that only enable us to further distraction from reality.
And our flesh craves it. Wants it. Needs it.
We HAVE to squelch that.
It’s a daily battle to kill our flesh and look heavenward. Think of how much more fulfilling life is when we run from the world and into the arms of a loving Savior who can and will provide everything we need. However society is centered around us becoming something so we can ‘make enough’ to support our every little desire.
We have no need for a Savior here in this country. We have everything we need at the snap of our fingers. Think about it for a second. Calories are so cheap and easily accessible here that we have institutions (gyms) dedicated to the burning of them. Other people in other places are dying from starvation and malnutrition and we stand in front of our fridges in our McMansions complaining that there is nothing to eat.
Scared? You should be.
We have absolutely no need for Jesus on a regular basis here. We come running to Him only when we have a problem that needs fixing. We should be coming to Him constantly praying for protection from things of the flesh that are so prevalent and distracting that we don’t even realize what’s happening to us until we realize it’s too late.
Time is precious.
Please don’t be deceived and open your eyes to the problems we face here in the apathy of this country. We have each been granted with an allotment of time that is minuscule compared to the eternity we will have to enjoy our reward. But know what your asking for. Once your eyes have been opened there is no going back. The things that once brought you comfort will make you squirm. Things like, comfort and materialism. You will no longer possess the ability to run to material things or the comfort of your home and feel ‘comfortable.’ But praise God for that. You have the ability to run to the Creator of the universe for comfort, rather. Something lasting that will never change! Something fulfilling that won’t leave us feeling more empty after each binge! You can never be full enough of Him and your joy will only increase as the noise of the world fades away.